Friday, May 8, 2020

Environmental and Climate Technologies

Environmental and Climate Technologies provides a forum for information on innovation, research and development in the areas of environmental science, energy resources and processes, innovative technologies and energy efficiency.
A variety of themes are covered through a multi-disciplinary approach, one which integrates all aspects of environmental science:
·         Sustainability of technology development
·         Bioeconomy
·         Cleaner production, end of pipe production
·         Zero emission technologies
·         Eco-design
·         Life cycle analysis
·         Eco-efficiency
·         Environmental impact assessment
·         Environmental management systems
·         Resilience
·         Energy and carbon markets
·         Greenhouse gas emission reduction and climate technologies
·         Methodologies for the evaluation of sustainability
·         Renewable energy resources
·         Solar, wind, geothermal, hydro energy, biomass sources: algae, wood, straw, biogas, energetic plants and organic waste
·         Waste management
·         Quality of outdoor and indoor environment
·         Environmental monitoring and evaluation
·         Heat and power generation, including district heating and/or cooling
·         Energy efficiency

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