Wednesday, February 12, 2020


International Conference of Cancer Research and therapy  is the International conference hosted by the Herald Groups which is going to be held in Rome Italy during August 17-18, 2020
The international Cancer 2020 Conference is mainly focused on the Cancer sciences, Cancer Research and its related topics where the cancer is the first top in the research in the world to invent the cancer diagnosis and advanced treatments. The researchers around the globe were working on the topic of cancer and anticancer drugs, to share and explore more in the Research the Cancer 2020 gathering the Professionals, Cancer Research Groups, Oncologists, Cancer Science professionals, professors, Clinical trials on Cancer groups, Manufacturing medical devices companies, industries, pharmacology experts.
Cancer 2020 acts as the platform of knowledge transfer with the highly advanced, updated and relevant information of the Cancer ScienceCancer ResearchCancer Therapy, and Cancer BiologyOncologyCancer Immunology and many other current innovations in the Field of Cancer Science.
The Two day event of the Cancer 2020 congress Covered with the relevant session on Current research and novel developments in anti-cancer drugs and field of Oncology, this platform is for open resource connects the world’s renowned scientist, noble lectures, scholars, healthcare Professionals, in their respective fields to grace our Congress as Keynote Speakers, organizing committee members, panel experts, speakers.
We along with our organizing members of our Herald group coordinately welcomes all the Professionals, researchers, business professionals, academicians, Students, young Researchers of the cancer research and oncology department from all over the globe to participate in our upcoming Cancer 2020 Conference entitled as INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CANCER RESEARCH AND THERAPY  at ROME, ITALY in mid of August 17-18, 2020 the gathering is emphasis with the theme “Cancer Science Innovative Options in Cancer Detection and Cancer Therapeutics”

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